European Traditional Dance Training
Dance instructions in English or Dutch

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At the moment there are no courses scheduled.

On request short introductory courses in European traditional dances can be given .

No dancing experience required. No dance partner required. No liability insurance required.
If you can walk, know the difference between left and right and you have a good physical condition, then we can learn you how to dance.

Just come and have a look!

What do you learn?

Europe has a long tradition of dancing. These introductory courses will give you an impression of the diversity of European dances. So you will learn dances from Sweden in the North and dances from Greece in the South, Dances from England in the West and dances from Bulgaria in the East The instructions will be given in English. And of course you will also learn Dutch dances. You will learn to dance to interesting rhythms of authentic traditional music. You will learn dances with interesting symbolic meaning and historic background. You will learn dances only for men, dances only for women and couple dances.
And there is even more! These courses are a nice place to meet new friends from all over the world, and they are a pleasant way to work out. After the dance you can have a relaxing shower and have a drink in the canteen.

Who can participate?

Everybody can participate. No dancing experience is required. No dance partner is required. No special clothes or shoes are necessary. Just normal sports clothing and shoes. The course is especially for English speaking foreign students and workers, but interested Dutch people are also welcome. No sports card needed.  Mail me if you have questions or if you want to get a reminder by mail at the start of the course.

Europe has a great diversity of very old dance traditions...

Course schedule

At the moment there are no courses scheduled, but they are organised on request.

Course fee

The course fee for individuals is:


for one lesson (1,5 hour): € 6,-


for a complete course of 5 lessons: € 25,-

We have special prices for groups:


5-9 persons: € 5,- per person/lesson


10-20 persons: € 4,- per person/lesson


21-40 persons: € 3,- per person/lesson

If you want to come as a group, please mail or call me in advance, so that I can prepare a good program for your group. For instance , I can give the lesson a certain theme.


Dance Instructor:
Leo van der Heijden
Telephone: 0317-412996

Location of the courses

Anywhere near Wageningen.

Last update: augustus 03, 2009